About Us

Nam Kee Pau specializes in traditional handmade pau from the authentic traditional recipe of the famous Nam Kee Pau in Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

Namkee Abalone Pau is the grand version of all steamed buns. Filled with one of the world’s most treasured; Abalone. The finest variant of Nam Kee Pau, the Namkee Abalone Pau is packed with goodness from both the sea and land. Flavoursome and juicy pork fillings combined with succulent whole braised Abalone, taste the ultimate pau Namkee has to offer!

At Nam Kee Pau, all the pau items are handmade in house. Our traditional recipes are passed on from generation to genaration. Till today, what you are experiencing from Namkee Pau is a recipe that is full of flavours from the past. At Nam Kee Pau, you will definitely enjoy a “filling meal” in a nostalgic setting and at a reasonable price.