Nam Kee Abalone Pau FAQ


Why do I have to pre-order 1 Day in advance?

Nam Kee Abalone Pau is handmade freshly every morning.

What time & when will delivery arrive?

Due to Namkee Paus being handmade freshly,

Delivery: 1pm-6pm Daily

Upon order confirmation, we will send you your allocated delivery time and date slots.

Can I order other Nam Kee items?

You may add on other items with a minimum purchase of 10 abalone paus.

Amy Yip $4
Big Pau $1.80
Char Siew Pau $0.90
Tau Sar Pau $0.80
Lotus Pau $0.80
Siew Mai: $0.80
Glutinous Rice: $2

I am ordering 10 Abalone Paus. Will you be able to deliver to multiple addresses?

A minimum order of 10 Abalone pau is required per address. I.e. You may order 20 abalone paus to 2 different addresses.

Can I eat the pau straight away when I receive it?

It is recommended that you steam it before enjoying it.

How long can I keep the pau?

It can be kept in the freezer for 1-2 weeks and in the fridge for 2-3 days.